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How to Use a Rebounder with Swax Lax Balls

Grace, Shea, Charlie, and Brynn (from her bean-bag chair) demonstrate how they use Swax Lax training balls and an All Ball Pro rebounder in their basement. Follow along (and please share your lacrosse drill videos with us — who knows, we may feature yours!):

Off-Hand Catch and Throw Lacrosse Drill



Throw and Catch Drill, Dominant Hand Lacrosse Drill



The Give and Go Pass and Catch Lacrosse Drill



Catch and Shoot Lacrosse Drill



Passing and Throwing on the Move Lacrosse Drill


For more drills that can be used with a rebounder, indoors or out, read Rebounder Drills to Improve Lacrosse Skills

Your turn, how do you or your lax-playing child train for the game during the off season?





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